Growing Respect.  Addressing Bullying.

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Growing Respect 

Addressing Bullying

Welcome To The Respect Program

Every day in our schools and communities, children are bullied. These incidents include physical fights, ostracizing classmates, and hurting others through verbal abuse.  

In order for children to thrive, they need safe places to live, learn, and play. Places where aggressive behavior is not accepted. Children need adults to create safe environments where bullying is replaced with acceptance and supportive relationships.  

This website will provide inspiration, information on program lessons, research-based anti-bullying strategies, and interactive workshops to be used in your communities and/or schools for years to come.

Remember growing respect and addressing bullying are not options. They are critical steps we must take, if we want our children to achieve great things in life!

The Respect Program is a member of The Exchange Club Family Center of Memphis.

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